Saturday, July 17, 2010

EXTREME PREJUDICE (1987) - Walter Hill

This movie is extreme fun. A big testosterone milkshake stuffed to the gills with plot and some of the best character actors of the day strutting it up like pistol-packin' peacocks. Michael Ironside doing sleazy mercenary menace. William Forsythe playing more yokel than in Raising Arizona. Rip Torn enjoying the hell out of his old guard Texas Ranger role before he snuffs it. Tiny Lister intimidating people with his sheer presence. And, hey, look it's Lamar Latrelle from Revenge of the Nerds!

Nick Nolte and Powers Boothe play one-time buds now on different sides of the law (and different sides of the border), ping-ponging off of each other with opposing energies (Boothe all loquacious opportunism, Nolte all quiet rage). The ending of this movie wants SO BADLY to be The Wild Bunch and, to its credit, comes pretty close. If there ever was a reason why The Wild Bunch didn't need to be re-made, other than its own damn-perfect existence, that reason is Extreme Prejudice.

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