Saturday, April 24, 2010

KRULL (1983) - Peter Yates

Let's be honest-- the Glaive (pictured above) never really caught on as a weapon the way the lightsaber did. No one in my elementary school wanted to dress up for Halloweeen as a Slayer instead of a Storm Trooper or the spandexed Prince Colwyn instead of Han Solo. There was no a mention of the Widow of the Web in comparison to Jabba the Hutt. And, from what I can remember, no one wanted a giant Cyclops for a sidekick instead of a giant Wookie.

This is all very sad because Krull is still a pretty fun movie. And if pressed today to watch this or the original Star Wars 20 times, I'm pretty sure I'd go with The Beast over Vader, Princess Lyssa over Princess Leia. All the Death Star does is stay in one place and constantly get rebuilt. The Black Fortress? It disappears then reappears somewhere else every 24 hours!

After recently meeting The Friends of Eddie Coyle, John and Mary and now revisiting the kingdom of Krull, I think it's safe to say I'm becoming a late-to-the-game Peter Yates fan. Mother, Jugs and Speed here I come.

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