Thursday, April 29, 2010

FLESH + BLOOD (1985) - Paul Verhoeven

Stillborn birth. Gang rape. Plague-ridden dog remains launched by catapult. Mandrake root as aphrodisiac. Time bombs made from wine barrels. The medieval world's first armored firetruck. The medieval world's first hot tub sex scene. Ah, Mr. Verhoeven, regardless of the century, no one does debauchery better than you do. Fully aware that audiences go to movies for sex and violence, you gleefully mix the two like a kindergartener slathering fingerpaints in strange, new configurations. Sometimes those configurations are laughable, sometimes brilliantly perverse, sometimes plain disgusting, but always, ALWAYS immensely entertaining.

I'm glad to report that Flesh + Blood is no different and no disappointment. All the harbingers of his U.S.-made debaucheries to come are there, not stillborn but fully-formed. This is the most twisted fun I've had in the Middle Ages in quite a long time.

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