Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FOXY BROWN (1974) - Jack Hill

Not as much fun as Coffy, but the formula's still good for a couple of cheap jolts. This time, Grier has no discernible day job other than being "foxy." She's got a brother on dope (Antonio Fargas hamming it up big time) and another bad choice of boyfriend-- an ex-government op trying to hide out with a brand new face. It isn't long before her beau winds up gunned down, her stool pigeon brother on the run and Pam's working the undercover call girl angle to get her revenge on the mob. This involves run-ins with various lecherous white johns, a few rednecks who shackle her down in a cabin and addict her to heroin (but only for half a reel). And of course there's old Sid Haig again, this time sporting no accent but a very questionable wardrobe (see above).

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