Friday, February 19, 2010

THE BLACK GESTAPO (1975) - Lee Frost

Undoubtedly the first and only blaxploitation movie with an opening credit sequence featuring freeze-frames of Hitler on the March.

A doubly-exploitative premise if there ever was one, Black Gestapo somehow manages to equate Nazi stormtrooping with the rise of '70s black militancy in a story about a peaceful, state-funded black neighborhood group (think the Guardian Angels but with more soul) that develops a rogue element within its ranks. It seems this "black gestapo" isn't happy with their leader's lie-down-and-take-it approach to the local white mob's brutal rape and pillaging. The faction not only wants bloody revenge but a piece of the prostitution/numbers action and a creepy change in uniform (basically, Third Reich duds but all black). As expected, the group's pacifist leader will need to add a little Malcolm X to his MLK playbook in order to quell this dubious uprising. Other than its ludicrously schizoid premise and a few laugh-out-loud terrible lines, there's not much else going on here to recommend.

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